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Hello Out There: Skyping with Sabina

by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Published on: March 3, 2014
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skype-sabina-01-2014The Scrivas are a get-together kind of writing critique group. We meet for dinner and a lengthy discussion of Scriva submissions. Recently, though, Sabina was out of town for our monthly meeting, and she wanted to be a part of the conversation. We turned to Skype.

It seems we’re not the only ones. According to blogs.skype.com, on April 3, 2013, Skype users spent two billion minutes connecting with each other. TWO BILLION MINUTES ON THAT ONE DAY! The Skype folks calculate that number to be nearly 38 centuries of sharing in a 24-hour period. This boggles my mind big time.

So much for quality. What about the quality of those two billion minutes? I confess that I use Skype and Facetime rarely. I’m not as relaxed with screen time as I am when I’m emailing or speaking to someone on the phone. Better yet, let’s walk and talk…but I digress.

Skyping with Sabina went better than I thought it would, and it was very much better than not having her with us at all. We used a lap top, so that we could move Sabina close to whichever Scriva was giving a critique. She missed the wine and food, but could get at least some of the conversation. Not everything. And she was limited to hearing much of what the rest of us saw and heard. A couple of times we lost the connection, meaning the electronic connection. But Skyping with Sabina meant that we didn’t lose the human connection. I’m in no position to speak intelligently about 1,999,999,880 Skype minutes on Viva Scriva Critique Day, but the Scrivas’ 120 minutes with Sabina were definitely Skyping well spent.


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