The Scrivas have years of teaching and presenting experience. We offer:

    • School Visits
    • Young Writers Workshops
    • Workshops at Writers Conferences
    • Critique Group Facilitation
    • Manuscript Critique (listed below)

For questions about our services, Email us for more information. You may also visit the websites of these individual Scrivas for more details: Addie Boswell, Amber J. Keyser, Elizabeth Rusch, Nicole Marie Schreiber, Ruth Tenzer Feldman, Sabina Rascol.


Together, the Scrivas have 70+ years experience in the publishing industry. With each Scriva critique, you receive the collective knowledge that years of writing and revising have given us. We critique all forms of writing for children, including: board books, picture books, early readers, middle grade, young adult, graphic novels, poetry, fiction and non-fiction. Unless you request a specific Scriva, we will place your manuscript with the writer who best fits your genre.

What do I submit?
You may submit a first draft or a more polished version of your manuscript. Refer to our price chart to decide how much to submit. While we are willing to critique entire novels, we believe the main issues of a novel are revealed in the first three chapters, and a critique of these will give you enough information to address the manuscript’s overarching issues.

What do I get back?

Developmental Letter (1-3 pages): Summary of suggestions for the manuscript. Scrivas always start by outlining the strengths of the manuscript, followed by advice on revising for plot, voice, character, setting, and genre.

Line edits: are made in the body of the manuscript. Digital edits will be sent via email unless you specifically request a hard copy (adding $5 for shipping). Line edits may include fixes and suggestions on grammar, usage, p.o.v, sentence structure, and more. Note: This is not the same as copy editing, which is done on final drafts prior to publication.

How to submit:
1) Before attaching your manuscript, please format as follows:

  • Word documents preferred
  • Author’s name, email address, and word count in the upper left hand corner (full word count as well as the portion you are submitting)
  • Pages numbered in the footer
  • Title on first page
  • Body of manuscript: double spaced, one inch margins, 12-point type

2) Click on SUBMIT NOW. Type the title of your submission and word count (of submission only) in the subject heading. Attach your manuscript. In the message space, you may choose to add specific editing notes (if you have problem areas, or want specific attention paid to for voice or pace, for example). You may also request a specific Scriva by name. Otherwise, we will place your ms with the best fit, based on your genre and our individual schedules. (Available Scrivas: Liz Rusch, Addie Boswell, Amber Keyser, Nicole Schreiber, Ruth Tenzer Feldman, Sabina Rascol)

3) Within three days, you will receive a confirmation and invoice for payment. Input your payment information into Paypal’s secure server. (You needn’t have an individual account to pay through them.) You will receive a receipt via email when your payment clears.
4) Receive your critique via email within two weeks (Subject heading: Viva Scriva Critique). If you need clarifications on your edits, you can respond directly to the critiquer’s email.

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