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Free Critique: The Perfect Contest for You

by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Published on: June 4, 2012
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Summer is coming. So they tell us. The rains are behind us. Almost. It’s definitely time for a bit of fun. The Viva Scrivas are offering a free critique of a picture book manuscript (3,000 words max) or any other manuscript or piece of writing, again with a limit of 3,000 words. All you have to do is come up with the best new word that describes something related to the writing or critiquing process.

Take this word for instance. Lethescriptosis. Not my idea (alas!), but the invention of Gail Carson Levine (author of Ella Enchanted among other books). Lethescriptosis is her word for the malady of coming up with a dynamite idea and then forgetting it before you can write it down. “Lethe” from the Greek meaning forgetfulness or oblivion. “Script” from the Latin meaning something that is written. “Osis” from the Greek suffix meaning a condition (as in a disease). The perfect word.

Here are the details:

1. Invent a word, or two, or ten. Send in as many entries as you like, as often as you like.

2. Leave your entries as a comment on this Viva Scriva blog post, or send them to me (Ruth Tenzer Feldman).

3. The contest closes right after the Fourth of July weekend, at 11 p.m. Pacific time, on July 8th (which happens to be my birthday).

4. You do not have to be a writer to enter this contest. It’s kosher to submit an invented word on behalf of someone else, whom you think would like to have a critique. See how easy we are making this?

5. The winner receives a free critique that is the same quality that he or she would have received through our critique-for-a-fee services.

Let the games begin.

What to Wear?

by Elizabeth Rusch
Published on: April 20, 2012
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O.K. This is silly. I know. But it’s April and April Fools Day always gets me into a certain mood. So the question of the day is: What should one wear to a Viva Scriva meeting? I asked myself this question one afternoon when ScrivaAmber and I got together for a writing date, and I just didn’t feel like writing. So I started drawing. And giggling. And eventually Amber asked me what I was giggling about. So I showed her my drawing of a Viva Scriva Uniform:

That was fun! So I continued, with the “Rear” view:

Tee Hee.



Sometimes I’m distracted by the reused paper my critique manuscript comes back on

by Amber Keyser
Published on: January 7, 2012
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Revision is hard for me so I’m easily sucked into the crazy reused paper that my crit group prints my mss on…

A science experiment.

People on the beach meditating.

Character sketches.


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