Some Literary, Bawdy Fun

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Published on: February 20, 2013
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When a member of my critique group announced she was getting married recently, we threw her a bachelorette party. But not just any bachelorette party, a literary/bawdy bachelorette party. If you find yourself somewhere with your critique buddies and paper and pens, and you’re looking for some laughs, try these games:

Two Lies and a Truth: Easy for creative types who love to make things up. Each person makes up two lies and remembers something unbelievable that really happened. Everyone tells their three stories and people try to guess which one is true.  (Can be as clean or naughty as you want.) You could also do this for your characters…but just don’t forget which stories are the made-up truths and which are the made-up lies.

Poetry Prompts: On 20-30 small note cards write a romantic word on each (like roses, fire, smooch). On another 20-30 cards write funny domestic words (like nose-hair, laundry, compost). Everyone takes a card from each pile and must compose a poem with the two words.

Dirty Balderdash/Dictionary: This requires a bit of prep. Someone must do some internet research to find some naughty terms or slang phrases that they think no one would know. Write each with its definition on a note card or slip of paper. To play, someone picks one out of a bag and reads just the word out loud. Everyone writes the word down and makes up a definition. The one who knows the correct definition collects the definitions and reads them all aloud with the real definition mixed in. Vote on which is the real definition (if you can stop laughing long enough!)

Dirty Pictionary: Great for author-illustrators. Someone writes a bunch of sexy words on small notecards or pieces of paper. Break into teams of two or more people. The “artist” picks a card, reads the word silently and tries to draw it while the other teammates guess out loud. Teams can race to successfully draw the same word or you can set up a timer and teams get points if they guess in the allotted time.

Dirty Scrabble: My guess is that you can figure out how this should be played.

Have fun!




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