Even Jane Austen Edited Herself!

by Nicole Marie Schreiber
Published on: August 26, 2014
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Here is Jane Austen’s writing desk at Chawton Cottage.


Last week I stumbled upon this great article about Jane Austen and her editing process.  Yes, even Austen edited herself, which as I writer I shouldn’t be surprised by since EVERY writer edits and revises their work, but seeing how it was done hundreds of years ago is fascinating and really makes me feel a writerly kinship towards Ms. Austen.  It’s the same feeling I felt when seeing her actual writing desk at Chawton Cottage in England many years ago.  Actually, seeing her editing process makes me feel even closer to her, and makes me realize that we writers, no matter what era we live or lived in, really are kindred spirits.

Enjoy, and happy writing (and editing!)

-Nicole Marie Schreiber


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