Shh! Writers at Work

by Sabina I. Rascol
Published on: November 1, 2013
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boy shhAt our fall writing retreat, Scrivas are quietly, intently—and sometimes quirkily—working. You’ll likely hear more later about some of our work. For now, briefly, the intriguing projects—and techniques—include:


-finalizing a non-fiction picture book for which field research was done in Italy a year ago


-“drawing the book:” with crayons, on large sheets of paper, getting a visual sense of a sequel novel


-reading history germane to a novel and deciding how tidbits of the past will be streamed into the story’s flow


-cutting and pasting (the old-fashioned way!) information gleaned from various publications about possible publishers for a couple of completed manuscripts


-pressing on with the final stretch of a much revisioned novel that the Scrivas can hardly wait to read in its entirety


What are you working on these days? And what quirky way of delving into your story do you want to try? In the next few days, tear yourself from everything you could be doing, park yourself next to a window looking out on autumn, and give time to your writing project. Tell those around: “Shh! A writer is working. “


-Sabina I. Rascol

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