Scriva Advice: Don’t Pay the Toll Twice

by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Published on: November 5, 2013
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toll-boothWe Scrivas have returned from our retreat, and I am here to report that we worked QUIETLY for hours and hours and hours and hours. On Saturday night, we took a break and focused on the 13 questions that Addie posted here about what worked in 2013, and what didn’t, and goals for 2014. Each of us tackled the questions separately. When we compared our answers, we were amazed to discover that we all had variations on these main themes for 2014:

  1. Lower expectations.
  2. Have more fun.
  3. Don’t stress.
  4. Worry is not preparation.

Advice: Don’t pay the toll twice. Deal with rotten events when, and if, they happen (that’s paying your psychological and physical toll once). Stressing over what might happen before it happens results in your paying the toll twice. Who knows? Maybe the event won’t be rotten after all. Try imagining a silver lining to that cloud, and you just might find one. In an effort to avoid setting yourself up for disappointment, don’t miss out on enjoying pleasant (though possibly improbable) expectations.

We writers have imaginations. Let’s not forget the power of building our own real worlds as well as the ones in our books.

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