Beginning Again

by Addie Boswell
Published on: October 25, 2013
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imagesIt is around this time of year, when weather and work starts to wind down, that I start to jump ahead in my mind. To 2014’s clean slate, the sparkling, blank planner I get to buy, and the new set of goals I might just accomplish. It is a new year! The sky’s the limit! I love beginnings so much that it is often an uphill battle to finish things. (Starting to dream about a new manuscript is so much more fun than revising the old one for the 17th time…)

So, not to get ahead of myself, there are two more months in 2013. If your holidays knock out some of your productive time (as they do mine), you really might have only five or six weeks. Along with a last chance to knock tasks off the 2013 list, these weeks are a good time to sit down and reflect on all that you have accomplished and traversed this year. A good way to start is to browse through your planner or calendar, remembering all the appointments, deadlines, trips, celebrations, high points, and low points. Then, sit down with your journal and some open-ended questions like these (which I’ve picked up from various books and coaches.)

When I think about my business in 2013…

  1. What surprised me?
  2. What disappointed me?
  3. What worked?
  4. What didn’t work?
  5. Where did the business excel?
  6. Where did the business fall short?
  7. When was I happiest?
  8. What does this tell me about the next year?
  9. Looking at the disappointments, what do I want to turn around in the next year?
  10. Which means I have to change…..
  11. Looking at the successes, what do I want to continue doing next year?
  12. What do I remain sure about in my career?
  13. If I could accomplish only three things in 2014, what would they be?

If data makes you happy, you might also start compiling some numbers to make your accomplishments more tangible. Some possible categories: royalties made, copies sold, submissions sent, author visits scheduled, words typed.

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