Book vs. Baby

by Addie Boswell
Published on: September 24, 2013
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Expecting my first child, I have been thinking a lot about writing and motherhood, and how much I’ll have to give up of the first for the second. And then I think of how laborious writing a novel has been. Book versus Baby: which is harder? As far as gestation, a baby does take a mere 9 months as opposed to 1-10 years to write a novel. And those periods are similar: frustrating, delightful, insomnia-producing, tearful, surprising. Publishing your first novel, I assume, feels like sending the kid off to kindergarten or college.

Yet a novel, once published, leaves your hands and your heart and ventures forth into the world with near-complete independence. Children retain their grasp, even after their allotted 18 years. When I start to obsess about the (gasp) decades of child-rearing ahead of me, I try to think about the many successful writers and great parents I know and hear about. Here are some posts I’ve enjoyed on the balance of it all.

Writing and Mother: How I (sort of) do both, via Shannon Hale’s blog

How to be a Writer and Stay-at-home Parent, by Katherine Sparrow, via the Blabbermouth

Two (Sucked) Thumbs Up, by Jason McBride, for the New York Times.

And here are my favorite parenting books, from an ever-growing list of choices.

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