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by Mary Rehmann
Published on: October 23, 2012
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Teach the classics or teach what students want to read?  Too often this is the dilemma of a middle school teacher.  The classics are rife with all the teachable elements we want our students to know about: symbolism, personification, metaphor, etc.  More recent YA books?  Sure, those literary tools are there, but not in the sort of abundance that makes them good material for teaching in class.  There’s simile galore, of course; it seems to be the YA author’s go-to figurative language device.  So what’s a teacher to do?

I’ve decided the best recourse is to beg for more.  You writers out there, you move us with your character development. You rock our worlds with your fast-paced action.  You lead us down dark alleys of intrigue.  Time to hit us over the head with some of those literary tricks your language arts teachers used to bore you to tears (or at least to graffiti).   I know you can do it.  I’ve seen it in the best of some of the current lit.  I’ve seen it in plenty of brilliant Scriva stuff.  I know I need to add more of it to my own work.

To wit: upon hearing of my intent to write this blog, my own novel has just up and walked in front of the cross-town bus.

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