Not too late for great summer reading!

by Michelle McCann
Published on: August 8, 2012
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I’m a little depressed. I checked the calendar today and it looks like there are just 4 weeks left of summer. But I still have so many books to read! I am currently deciding which 15 young adult books to assign to my students this fall. Not an easy task, let me tell you. So many good new titles. So many good classics. Do I make them read some trashy hits, just so they know what teens are reading, or do I keep it highbrow?

Either way, I’m buried under a pile of “to-reads” this month. And just in time to make my life a little harder, out come some great lists to consider. The first is an awesome visual chart of dystopian hits created by the Kansas Library Association. If you’re looking for something to read after Hunger Games, this is the list for you:

The other is an NPR “100 Best-Ever Teen Books” list, according to the 75,000+ NPR listeners who responded to their poll. My guess, from the make-up of winners, is that most of the folks who voted were not teens (what teen would pick “Flowers for Algernon” for god’s sake?). But it’s a great list, nonetheless (John Green is on there five times!):

You have 27 days left of summer.

Time to get reading!

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