The “Futilitarian” Critique

by Ruth Tenzer Feldman
Published on: July 3, 2012
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Ursula K. Le Guin, 2004

I am venting. No, it’s not about the Viva Scrivas, but about a recent unnamed critique session. Until now I didn’t have quite the right words to describe how appalled I was at the way a writing colleague was treated by someone who ought to know better.

Then I reread parts of Ursula K. Le Guin’s Steering the Craft. Ursula’s excellent book about writing has an appendix on “The Peer Group Workshop.” My search was over. Here is what Ursula adds, in a parenthetical “private aside” about critiquing:

Certain “writing teachers” go around the country doing Master Classes that consist of the Master reading the students’ work and trashing it. The idea is, the Master knows what Art is, and the student is a stupid jerk who can only become an artist if abused by a Master. This sadomasochistic teaching technique exists also in some prestigious writing programs. It has no place in a workshop or peer group. As far as I am concerned it has nothing to do with writing at all, but is a cult of ego-exaltation and ego-abasement.

Ursula’s comment brings to mind “futilitarian.” It’s a word I made up, and it describes the critique given by a confidence-bashing person who has neither the inclination, nor perhaps the ability, to offer useful comments. In extreme cases of futilitarianism, one is justified to capitalizing the first two letters of the word.

As I’m already a Scriva and I get free critiques from my group, I cannot enter “futilitarian” in the free critique contest. But you can. It’s not too late (the deadline is July 8th) to come up with a new word that describes the critique or writing process. We’ve got a bunch of great entries so far. Bring it on!

And thanks again, Ursula.


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