Dreams, Hopes, Goals …and just Being

by Addie Boswell
Published on: January 25, 2012
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It is that time of year. Time to clean out the cobwebs, recommit to lost intentions, and generally look at your life afresh. By the first week of January, I’ve usually written a new business plan with goals and objectives, color-coded my new planner, set income projections, figured my taxes, consulted the Tarot and made a vision board for the year. (I love to plan.) But this year I’ve been running into the idea of letting it all go. First, the Scrivas shared this post by Jeff Korhan: Forget Goals – Plan for Being Happy in 2012.  Then the New York Times kicked January off with the laughable success rate of both Resolutions and Dieting. Sabina recently wrote this post about the need for intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. And all of this is striking a chord with my own growing frustration: my career is in a bit of a rut and I need to approach something differently.

My mother says if you run into the same person three separate times, it means they have a message for you. I would say the same thing of ideas. The message I’m taking for myself is to stop thinking so much about the outcomes and returns I want and reconnect to the process.  For  what I want more than anything is to be absorbed and enlivened by my work.

Is it as hard to change your perspective as it is to change your waistline? Can I let go of my propensity for daily lists? I’m not sure. But the Scrivas are having our annual business and goals meeting next week, and the conversation will continue.  These are some of the questions we will be reflecting on.

  • When you look back on your career in 2011, when were you the happiest?
  • Why do you continue to write?
  • What can you offer the world that no one else can?


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