Best intentions

by Mary Rehmann
Published on: August 2, 2011
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I started the summer with the best intentions:  write every day, learn to play guitar, read all the YA books that have been piling up on my nightstand, and take my kids on a cross-country road trip.

Well, in a nutshell, what I wrote and the chords I learned to play on our 65 mph whirlwind tour of the western U.S. would fit in a very tiny nutshell.  The stacks of books though – those took up more than half of the back of my minivan.  My regret at not using every spare moment to work on my novel took up the other half.

Arriving back in Portland, late last night, I unloaded all the baggage and uncovered something important I’d forgotten: I need a quiet space to write in.   I climbed into bed long after midnight, and around three, I was ready to take an axe to the characters and scenes clamoring for attention.  Before I’d even had my coffee, I headed to and read all the posts I missed while on the road.  Scriva Sabina’s and Scriva Melissa’s words pummeled me into reflection.

As surely as I did not learn to play anything beyond an E chord, I surely did make progress on my novel.  Okay, okay.  No words made it onto the screen, but the descriptions and dialogue and action scenes that piled up as I drove are begging for some quiet space in which they can be typed.

And so I’m ending the summer with the best intentions:  find a quiet place, write every day, learn another guitar chord.

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