My work’s been critiqued and I feel (add descriptive word here)… More on PCSD

by Amber Keyser
Published on: June 20, 2011
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Recently Nicole posted about PCSD (“post critique stress disorder”).  Her words seemed to resonate with readers.  What writer hasn’t had the experience of receiving a marrow-touchingly thorough critique only to sit and wonder what the heck to do about it?  Roni Loren went a step further and detailed (with hilarious pictures) the Ten Stages of Revision Emotions on her blog.

Here’s the teaser (paraphrased):

“Dammit, that makes sense.”
“I can totally fix this.”
“Oh, Sh*t”
Lalalalala, I can’t hear you.
Drowning in my beer.
Hello, Muse.
“Happy Dance Time”
What? You want another revision?

Take the time to read the whole thing here.   We’ve got some posts planned to take on how to revise based on critique so stay-tuned!

Post Revisions:

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  1. Roni Loren says:

    Thanks for linking to my post! Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

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