Sucking it up

by Mary Rehmann
Published on: May 11, 2011
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Every once in a while I decide that I should drop out of Viva Scriva, the better to focus on my job as a first-year middle school teacher, meet the needs of my three kids, spend time exercising, complete some crossword puzzles, solve the energy crisis.  I spend a weepy evening composing my resignation email to the group.  Inevitably, I wake the next morning and, sometime between oatmeal and toothpaste, decide to suck it up and delete the unsent email.

I’m one of those over-committed people who juggle too many things, always flinching at the prospect of a dropped friendship, a missed assignment, a kid left at school (sorry, Andrew), or an unread manuscript.  The most amazing thing about a critique group, though, is that it provides a quiet space where all the energy lasers in on just one thing at a time.  The most amazing thing about the right critique group is that it provides the support and encouragement and focus and humor its members need.

Last month, I crafted a beautifully worded missive to my Scrivas.  I wish I could paste it here; it was touching, spare, heartfelt, and all that.  But I sucked it up, deleted it, and went to our monthly meeting the next night.  And there, I got to suck up their enthusiasm, collective wisdom, support, and a PBR.  I can happily report that I didn’t drop a single friendship or manuscript.  The energy crisis, however, remains unsolved.


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  1. ScrivaAmber says:

    Well we wouldn’t let you drop out anyway!

  2. Yes, actually you don’t have a choice, since we would caravan to your house and come get you!

    I’m glad I never read your email. I would be very sad. 🙁

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