Generosity and Spreading the Wealth

by Elizabeth Rusch
Published on: May 16, 2011
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I recently got a wonderful email from ScrivaAddie that reminded me of an important part of our critique group. We look out for each other and share career boosting opportunities with each other. I am working on a picture book biography on glass artists Dale Chihuly and ScrivaAddie sent me a link to a grant offered by The Creative Capital to support literary work that addresses contemporary art. PERFECT!

In addition to giving me a warm-fuzzy that Addie was thinking about me, my work and my career, it is a really great tip and I am going to apply for the grant. Thanks so much Addie! 

Addie’s generosity reminded me of how often I think of the Scrivas and send them notices of upcoming workshops, talks, presenting opportunities, and even writing jobs. We all want all the Scrivas to succeed and we back up that feeling with real tips, help, ideas, suggestions and leads. It is a big part of what makes our critique group special…

Elizabeth Rusch

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  1. ScrivaAmber says:

    As the recent recipient of one of Liz’s leads, let me add “Thank you!”

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